Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Look at these beautiful flowers girls!! I am so in love with how beautiful they are. My lovely mom brought them home for me. Peonies is definitely my favorite flowers, and have been for a long time. I love how they just get more and more beautiful. I think peonies is such a girly but really elegant flower. It brings so much beauty and life to the room. Also please take a look at my very new Chanel nailpolish!! I am so in love with it. I actually think that it will be SO nice for autumn. As long as I get my spraytan it is waaay to bright for my skintone. But it is really pretty for my natural skintone. I really love Chanel's products. I haven't really tried that many of their products, but I am so in love with those I have tried!!

I just came home from a night at my grandmama's place. My mama is finally home again. She has been visiting my sister, and I have missed her so much!! It is so weird now that my mom is home every day, but I really love that I am able to spend so much time with her. Especially if Lotte and I get an apartment soon. I am moving almost an hour away from her, so I wont be able to see her every day like I am now. It is going to be so weird, but at least I have tried it before when I lived at Patrick's place. Right now I am just editing some pictures for you, and also planning some posts for you. Stay updated girls! Kisses


Sunday, 19 June 2016


.... Royal Copenhagen! And oh my dear god I am so happy that I actually did. I never really understood the hype about this brand. I am always distancing myself from too hyped brands. I don't feel original when I have something that everybody has. But I really couldn't resist these babies. I am so happy about them now, and I have been drinking so much tea since I got them. It is so funny how something new can motivate you so much. It is exactly like getting new gym gear. Okay... Motivate is probably a wrong word to use in this situation, but you know what I mean haha! 

Finally I can enjoy almost 2 months without school! And when I am starting school again, I am starting my very last semester. They always say that the 2. year in business school is the hardest, and I really do hope so. It has been such a hard year, with so many projects and new things. Hopefully I have gotten my apartment when I am starting school again. It will definitely make my life a lot less hectically. And I cannot wait to spend every single day with my very best friend and sister Lotte. I am definitely going to blog in the very exact moment that we get an apartment that we like. So stay updated on my facebookpage!


Saturday, 11 June 2016


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1. Protect your skin
It is so important that you protect your skin from the sun. You will make even bigger damage on your skin, than what you will see at first. Therefore it is very important with great sun protection. I have found two from Tromborg that I would really love to try myself. I have heard a lot of great things about them, and I really love the packaging. I think these are the ones that will end up in my beach bag this summer.

3. How to control your messy beach hair
To me, a really underrated thing in the beauty industry is the rake comb. With this it becomes so easy to untangle the hair, and a lot healthier than the normal hairbrushes. Or at least that is my opinion. I think a rake comb BELONGS in almost every girls beach bag. I am obsessed with the one from Mason Pearson. 

5. Chick colors for your nails
 Summer equals highlights. But it definitely also equals crazy colors on your nails. In this season every color to your nails is accepted. 
And don't forget your toenails girls!!

7. The sane kind of tan
 We all want a delicious summer tan, but not everyone wants to destroy their skin completely in the sun. I am one of those who almost doesn't get any tan at all, even when I really try. Therefore I don't even want to give it a try unless I am on a vacation. My tan is entirely based on self tan and spraytan. If you don't believe in self/spray tanning can be pretty, you are completely wrong. It can look SO natural and pretty if you just find the right brand and method. I personally loves the mousses that instants give you a tan. It is so easy to apply and you can see if you are missing any spots. 
Take care in the sun girls. We don't want any unnecessary wrinkles! 

2. Sun equals highlights
To me there is no hairdresser highlights that can compete with the ones you get from the sun in the summer. It looks so natural and fresh, and I really adore that. My own hair doesn't really get that much lighter. Maybe it is because of all the damage I have caused it earlier, but I really adore the girls who end up with total blonde hair in the end of the summer.

4. Make your beach hair even messier
Salt spray is a great way to get the messy beach waves. You can get one for almost any hairtype. I think that this is one of the healthiest ways to get messy and beachy hair. It doesn't need heat or anything. I would definitely spray a bit of salt spay in my hair after shower and then braid my hair. Then when it is completely dry I would put a bit more in and crumple the hair a bit. This is definitely one of my favourite non-heat hairstyles in the summer!

6.  The only makeup you will need
 When I am tanned and the heat is going crazy I often don't feel like wearing any makeup. But one makeup item that really completes the tan is a bronzer. I am so happy with the one from Bobbi Brown. If I was going to bring only one makeup item to a desert island it would probably be this.

Sunday, 5 June 2016


Hello my beautiful girls. Are you having a great time? I am so happy and grateful atm. The weather is amazing and thankfully I have the time to enjoy it. I have a lot of school things to do before I can start my summer vacation. It is really frustrating and stressfull with my exams. But my mama is so supporting and always telling me that I will get through this, and that my life doesn't depend on this. I really tend to forget this. I really do push myself to hard, and I have to remind myself that it is okay not to be the best at everything and that I have to be more proud of myself. School is definitely not my key competence, but my teachers always tell me that I am better than the average. But I am such a control freak and I really hate that there is some things in my life that I can't control myself. I am definitely not trying to brag girls, but it just really reminds me of how we see others. I tend to look at smarter girls with grace and a bit jealousy. But we all struggle with something. We all want to be better, smarter, prettier and I could continue. Maybe we just have to love what life bring us and trust ourselves and families.

My day started off with grocery shopping with my mama, and since I came back I have just been chilling in the garden. I actually got permission to ride my papas convertible for the first time. It was so so so fun. It almost felt like driving a go-kart!! I have been online shopping quite a lot today, and I can't wait to show you my purchases. If you haven't seen my latest post with summer essentials from Missguided you can find it here. Dad just started the grill and I can't wait to spend another lovely evening at my parents place. It is so nice and domestic here. I still can't wait to get my own apartment though. I can't wait for the upcoming week to begin either!! I have a lot of exciting meetings and I feel that I can finally see the end of the latest months stress and depression. 
Stay safe girls, and always trust the vibes you get. Energy doesn't lie! 

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